Cubicco DNA

We believe that all human beings should have access to a safe, sustainable and secure place to call home. Comfort, beauty and a connection to nature are the vital elements that help us live a healthy existence within our communities. Cubicco aspires to implement this fundamental right to as many individuals and families as possible regardless of social, familial or economic background.

Natural selection

The comfort of a home has everything to do with the seamless exchange between individuals, communities, and environments. By elevating basic human needs such as fresh air, sunlight, and landscape, a Cubicco home provides a level of warmth and balance made only possible by embracing nature and the materials she provides us with.

Forward evolution

Longevity, strength and efficiency are important elements that inspire the vision to deliver comfort and harmony in an ever changing environment.
This approach to construction, which exceeds global building code requirements, is what provides Cubicco a unique opportunity to focus on meeting the demands and global housing shortages of the 21st century.

Our contemporary sustainable homes are designed to withstand extreme natural conditions

  • "I have been approached by 500 start-up companies in the last 3 years, Cubicco’s concept is by far the best I have seen.”

    - Aad Ouborg . Father and Enterpreneur. CEO Ouborg Group, innovator of the household brand Princess. Member Dutch "shadow" board and recipient Received the Guts and Glory award as well as Sales Manager of the Year award.

  • “I have seen how fragile our earth is from space…let’s be mindful of each other and nature!”

    - Andre Kuipers . Father & Physician. Dutch Astronaut ISS spacestation 2012 JFK award. Ambassador World Wildlife Fund.

  • “We should be grateful for companies like Cubicco, taking responsibility for society.”

    - Gerd Leers . Father, Politician & Enterpreneur. Served Twelve years in the Dutch House of Representatives, eight years as Mayor of Maastricht and was Minister of Immigration, Integration and Asylum from 2010 / 2012.

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