Why Choose Us

Cubicco is resilient. We have engineered our homes for extreme weather events and natural conditions. Our designs meet and exceed global building codes – particularly wind loads (180 MPH – Florida Building Code HVHZ Approved) and floods (homes rest on point loads – perfect to elevate on piles without the need for beams).

Cubicco is engineered with precision. Our homes are fabricated with accuracy and precision no matter where in the world they are assembled.

Cubicco delivers sustainability & energy performance. Cubicco homes come with R-45 insulation assembly values as standard for floors, walls and roofs – all from recycled Cellulose treated both with a fire-retardant and a vermin control. All the wood for our Laminated beams comes from FSC & PEFC Certified 15 year cycle forests and the percentage of the tree area used is maximized to 90% of all the milled lumber; this means that our homes sequester CO2 and contribute greatly to the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions. With Cubicco you can truly achieve NetZero living.

Cubicco units can be assembled anywhere. Have a project in mind in a remote location? interested in becoming a Cubicco assembly line? Our team provides your local area labor with high-tech training and advanced building solutions – this training has a tremendous social value and will have a very positive impact on the local construction industry and building expertise.

Cubicco is designed to last. The combination of materials and finish envelope make a Cubicco structure extremely low maintenance and long lasting, even when exposed to unforgiving natural conditions. When maintenance is required, the local expertise will guarantee prompt service. See our Quality Control Manual.

Cubbicco is designed to move. A Cubicco home, office, or cabana can always be relocated. We have pre-engineered this as a standard to all units and the process is quick and simple.


Our Technology


By pre-engineering our termite treated laminated beams and shaping them through a CNC router prior to shipping them to our assembly facilities, or your building site, we achieve ultimate precision and reduced construction times.


Forward Evolution

Longevity, strength and efficiency are the elements that inspire our vision to deliver comfort and harmony in an ever changing environment. This approach to construction, and the use of renewable and recycled materials, is how we can achieve a closed cycle in all of our units whether it be a home, an office, care facility or a deli. We aim for a recycled, bio-based, no waste policy.


Sustainability Packages

We offer Low-E Hurricane resistant impact glass for doors & windows that can withstand extreme positive and negative wind pressures. Solar electricity & water heating packages are available at competitive rates as well as Rainwater harvesting system for re-use. Ask about our vertical gardening solutions and geothermal system (only available in appropriate geographical areas).