We believe that access to a community that promotes physical activities and an enhanced social fabric is at the core how we can live healthier and happier lives. At Cubicco we integrate sustainability across the board to bring you Immune Urbanism, Sustainable homes within Sustainable communities.

We have embraced the challenge of designing the most sustainable homes possible built to withstand extreme natural conditions in order to provide you with a pre-approved vocabulary of modular buildings to choose from. We are continuously developing new plans to add to our pre-approved building library.

No matter the scope of the project, large or small, we are dedicated to assisting in programming and space planning needs:

        + Interview to determine client needs, schedules and budgets.
        + Establish functional and aesthetics goals.
        + Inventory existing furnishings and other items to be reused.
        + Provide space plans with furniture layouts.
        + Assist in developing the project timeline.


Finished Modular Units

The Design Team at Cubicco is dedicated to helping bring your vision to life. We offer full design and administrative services, including:

Construction Documents

        + Floor plans
        + Sections/details
        + Reflected ceiling plans/lighting plans
        + Wall and floor finish plans and schedules
        + Interior details and design as required, including cabinets, millworks, etc.

Interior Design

        + Develop budgets on all interior finishes and furnishings.
        + Assist in interior and exterior material, finish and furnishings analysis, recommendations and specifications.
        + Design all interior details.
        + Provide sketches and/or presentation boards of all interior selections and furnishings.
        + Review and coordinate furniture layouts with lighting and electrical plans.
        + Coordinate landscape design.

Project Administration

        + Coordinate and review drawings with contractors.
        + Maintain project schedules.
        + Review all bids and pricing.
        + Provide on-site inspections during construction.
        + Provide assistance during move-in.
        + Provide punch lists of all work to be completed


Flat Packed Units

Cubicco will ship all the necessary materials to your Assembly facility flat packed in containers for your certified team to assemble them. We provide training and business development support for you to get up and running in a matter of months. As we continue to develop our product line you will always have access to every unit type and all of our latest designs. You will also have access to our Design Team for Master Planning project developments no matter where you are located.