Our Technology


By pre-engineering our termite treated laminated beams and shaping them through a CNC router prior to shipping them to our assembly facilities, or your building site, we achieve ultimate precision and reduced construction times.


Forward Evolution

Longevity, strength and efficiency are the elements that inspire our vision to deliver comfort and harmony in an ever changing environment. This approach to construction, and the use of renewable and recycled materials, is how we can achieve a closed cycle in all of our units whether it be a home, an office, care facility or a deli. We aim for a recycled, bio-based, no waste policy.


Sustainability Packages

We offer Low-E Hurricane resistant impact glass for doors & windows that can withstand extreme positive and negative wind pressures. Solar electricity & water heating packages are available at competitive rates as well as Rainwater harvesting system for re-use. Ask about our vertical gardening solutions and geothermal system (only available in appropriate geographical areas).